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Photo by Grace Brown


Donna has been teaching yoga for over 18 years and has experienced the growth and evolution of yoga in our world. She has made her mark by drawing upon her dance career in her yoga teaching. She understands the body and how it moves. Donna has a keen eye for alignment and knows how to guide practitioners to find their optimal place of expression. She embraces a Tantric philosophy, a life affirming lens that begins with the premise that we are perfect just as we are. Her belief is that yoga invites us into a deeper conversation and relationship with ourselves so that we can express ourselves fully into the world. Donna believes that all bodies are able, full and free to move. Her classes are filled with movement, specific alignment instructions, and a deeper consideration of self.

-Private Lessons- 

If you are new to yoga, looking to deepen your practice, or are working with an injury private sessions can be very beneficial. Donna works one on one to create a yoga experience for your personal growth. To book a private or series of privates email Donna at


Donna offers a mentoring program for yoga teachers. Rarely do yoga teachers receive constructive feedback on voice use, sequencing, theming, etc. When a teacher hears “great class” that is a value judgement and not actual feedback. If you are a yoga teacher and are looking to take your teaching to the next level, a mentorship is invaluable. Donna became the teacher she is today because of her mentor, Ross Rayburn.

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